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Card Partner FAQ's

1. How do I become a Card Partner?
Our shareholders are at the centre of everything we do. They task us to partner with the best, and to negotiate the best for them, so 80,000 of them can focus on what they do best, on farm.

If you would like to register your interest, please download and complete an Expression of Interest with as much detail as possible and our Card Team will be in contact with you.

2. Shareholders get amazing deals across all sorts of business and services. How can I get the same for my business? Can I put company expenses on a Farmlands Card?
Totally, and many Card Partners do. We have deals on fuel, electricity, stationery, even Friday beers! Why not have it all go through at the best price and onto an IRD approved invoice.

3. How can I let shareholders know I accept Farmlands Card?
We have a range of signage available to all card partners which will entice our shareholders use their Farmlands Card when shopping with you.
If you would like to find out more or place an order for signage, please complete the Card Signage form and email us at card.specialist@farmlands.co.nz

4. Where can I find a copy of the latest Card Partner Terms and Conditions?
Farmlands Terms and Conditions relating to our Card Partner Agreement are published on our website

5. Shareholders are transacting in store, but the money isn’t showing overnight in my account. Why?
As per our agreement, Farmlands settle payment on the 26th of the month following, for more information click here: Farmlands Terms and Conditions.

6. Where do I send a manual invoice to for payment?
Please send to vendor.invoices@farmlands.co.nz. by the first working day of the month following the date of the invoice for processing. Please ensure you include the name of your business and GST number on the invoice.

7. I have a query on a remittance, who do I contact?
For all queries relating to invoices, payments and remittances, please email VendorA-K@farmlands.co.nz
or VendorL-Z@farmlands.co.nz dependent on the start of your company name.

8. Wow, you have a Card Partner Directory! I’m a Card Partner, how do I get included?
When you join as a Card Partner we will automatically add your business.  You can upgrade your listing to include your logo and link to your website for a small annual fee. Just send us a quick email with the extra details we need (high resolution logo and www address), and we’ll put you in lights! card.specialist@farmlands.co.nz