Why choose Triton Hearing?

For nearly three decades, Triton Hearing has been a trusted name in hearing healthcare. Triton Hearing have a dedicated team of clinical professionals who embrace innovation and deliver hearing solutions with an outstanding level of care and support.

Access to good hearing health and solutions improves quality of life and Triton Hearing’s national network of 70 community based clinics, have the expertise and skills to make this happen.

By using your Farmlands Card at Triton Hearing, you benefit from:

  • Exclusive 15% rebate
  • Your Farmlands Card spend also contributes to your end of year Bonus Rebate**

** The Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited Bonus Rebate is subject to the Directors’ discretion.

Hard work damaged your hearing?

Have your hearing tested for FREE with Triton Hearing’s GREAT BIG HEARING CHECK 2019!
And – if you find you need some help with your hearing, you could be eligible for fully funded hearing aids through ACC.

Hearing loss is common, in fact over 800,000 people in New Zealand currently experience hearing loss and the onset can be gradual or unexpected. While the most common form of hearing loss is age-related, it can also occur as a result of injury, infection or overexposure to excessive noise. The good news is that this is also treatable.

“If you even think you might have been exposed to excessive noise in the past or that your hearing could be a little sharper, having a free, convenient, quick preliminary test as part of the Great Big Hearing Check this March may set you mind at rest or equally give it food for thought.”, says Tony Rush, President of Hearing New Zealand

If you think you have a hearing loss, or struggle following conversations and hearing in noisy environments is difficult, it’s important to have a comprehensive hearing test with a trained professional at Triton Hearing.

And if  your hearing loss is the result of work-related injury, or overexposure to excessive noise, you may be eligible for  fully funded hearing aids with ACC. As an approved healthcare provider, Triton Hearing can offer fully funded hearing aids with all levels of ACC funding.

Take the first step to better hearing - join the GREAT BIG HEARING CHECK 2019 by visiting the website or by calling 0800 45 45 42 to book your FREE hearing check at Triton Hearing today.

Every Triton Hearing check completed during March as part of the GREAT BIG HEARING CHECK 2019 - goes into the draw to win a VIP Fieldays prize pack, plus latest in Hearing technology – the new ‘Marvels’ plus a Samsung Galaxy S9 –  prize pack is valued at over $10,000*!

*Visit greatbighearingcheck.co.nz to find out more!