Air New Zealand Airpoints™ FAQs

Why are you offering the chance to earn Airpoints Dollars™ at Farmlands?

We are continuously working with Business Partners to ensure we obtain better deals for our Farmlands shareholders. Many of our Farmlands shareholders have requested this opportunity for travel.

Why should I register to earn Airpoints Dollars at Farmlands?

The choice is yours. This partnership provides an option for you to earn Airpoints Dollars on eligible purchases.

Who can register to earn Airpoints Dollars via Farmlands?

Anyone who is a Farmlands shareholder can register to earn Airpoints Dollars. To find out more about Airpoints, please call 0800 737 000 or visit

What if I'm not an Airpoints member?

Register with Air New Zealand™ to obtain your Airpoints number. You can do this by visiting  

How much do I need to spend to get Airpoints Dollars?

Every time you spend the following amounts using your Farmlands Account* you accrue 1 Airpoint Dollar:

Farmlands stores
Farmlands Seed
Farmlands Real Estate
Farmlands Nutrition
Farmlands fertiliser

$215 on Commission Paid


Points will be credited on full payment of your monthly Farmlands Account.
*Products excluded: Bulk Grains, Commodity traded products such as PKE, DDGS, Soya Hulls. Card and Fuel spend is excluded from Airpoints due to prior commercial arrangements by Air NZ.

What if we have more than one person in the shareholding who wants to earn Airpoints Dollars?

Simply log into MyFarmlands, under Choices Air NZ Airpoints section and register all the Airpoints members who you want aligned to this programme.

Can I use my Farmlands Card to book and pay for flights?

Not at this stage. You cannot use your Farmlands Card to book or pay directly for flights, however you could still use our Card Partners. 

How can I check if I have Choices Rewards Points?

Your Choices Rewards statement contains all the details regarding Choices Points, showing a summary of Points earned, spent and about to expire. Statements are available online for any Account holder who has been authorised.

Who can I contact to find out more about the Airpoints programme?

The Farmlands Choices team will be happy to help. Contact them on 0800 200 600 and choose option 4 for Choices. The Choices team is available Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5.00pm to assist, or you can email them at