Purchasing Hazardous Substances from Farmlands

Farmlands is legally obliged to view a current Approved Handler or Certified Handler Certificate when you are purchasing Class 6.1A or 6.1B substances. For these and some other chemicals, we also require a Restricted To Workplace declaration form to be completed.

If you have not already provided Farmlands with this information for us to electronically store in our system or cannot provide these documents at the time of sale, Farmlands will not be able to sell the products to you.

Farmlands can keep digital copies of your Hazardous Substances documents on file, so you don't need to carry a physical copy of your documentation, as your digital copy will be on file in all Farmlands stores.

To supply us with either your Approved Handler or Certified Handlers Certificate and/or your Restricted To Workplace Declaration form, please complete the form below and upload either a scan or a photo of the appropriate documents.






If you do not have a Certified Handler Certificate, the only way you can obtain one is by proving your competency in handling very toxic substances to a WorkSafe Compliance Certifier. Different Compliance Certifiers go about this in different ways and the cost varies greatly. You can contact a Compliance Certifier to find out their requirements or you can contact a Chemical Handling training provider as they work closely with Compliance Certifiers and will be able to advise you on what training you will need to complete.

The list of Compliance Certifiers can be found here.


LIST OF CLASS 6.1aA or 6.1B HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES (as at 22/06/2021)

While Farmlands endeavours to keep all shareholders updated with changes to the Hazardous Substances register, the document below is not a definitive list. Products change in formulation and new products enter the market quite often.

You are advised to check the labels or product safety information for all agrichemicals you use.




Adama Flash Herbicide

Adria Balear 720SC Fungicide

Adria Divap Insecticide

Adria Metafort 60SL Insecticide

Adria Mitron 70WG

Adria Nematak 400EC Insecticide 

Metafol SC Herbicide



Lonza Barrachlor 720

Lonza Cannon

Lonza Chlorocarb

Lonza Cobra

Lonza Max CL

Lonza Taratek 5F

Nufarm Barrack Betterstick 720

Nufarm Counter 20G Insecticide

Orion Blizzard 720SC Fungicide

Orion Nuvos Insecticide

Orion Paraquat PQ200 Herbicide

Syngenta Bravo Weather Stick 720

Syngenta Gramoxone 250

Syngenta Preeglone

Syngenta Solvigo

Vitis Insecticide




All products in the Tracked Product list plus:

Adama Pyrinex Insecticide

Adama Sombrero 600 Seed Dressing

Adria Alaris 700WG Fungicide

Adria Cytec 900WG Herbicide

Adria Diquat 200SL Herbicide

Adria Piritek

Adria Pychlorex 48EC Insecticide

Adria Vivendi 300 Herbicide

Agritrade Thiram WDG 20kg

BASF Basamid Granular Soil Fumigant

BASF Cycocel 750

BASF Perfekthion S

Bayer Proline Fungicide

Corteva Cobalt Advanced Insecticide

Corteva Korvetto Herbicide

Corteva Lannate L Insecticide

Corteva Lorsban 50EC Insecticide

Corteva Radiate Herbicide

Corteva Versatill Herbicide

Corteva Versatill PowerFlo Herbicide


Etec or UPL Bladex 90WG Herbicide

Etec or UPL Dy Quat

Etec or UPL Monarch Herbicide

Etec or UPL Sevin Flo Insecticide

Gro-Chem Cyan

Gro-Chem HC50

Headland Jett

Lonza Cyhella

Lonza Danadim

Lonza Pinnacle

Lonza Rampage 20G

Lonza or FMC Tripsol

Lonza Yield (>1 litre)

Magtoxin (purchasing more than 3kg requires a Controlled Substance Licence)

Nufarm Archer 750

Nufarm Archer Herbicide

Nufarm Caterkill Insecticide

Nufarm Chlorpyrifos 500EC Insecticide

Nufarm Prestige Herbicide

Nufarm Stabilan 750SL Growth Regulators

Orion Element Herbicide

Orion Methomyl 200SL Insecticide

Orion Prohive Insecticide

Orion Void Herbicide

Syngenta Karate Zeon

Syngenta Pirimor

Syngenta Reglone