Farmlands on your Windows Device

During our recent business system migration, Farmlands reviewed our various business platforms which have been underperforming.

We have made the decision to discontinue supporting the Farmlands card partner directory to enable us to focus on creating a new platform which will offer better functionality and benefits to our shareholders and Farmlands Card users.

The current Farmlands app will no longer be supported or updated from 30th September. A notification explaining this change will also appear on the app.

While the app will no longer function, it will still appear on your phone. You will have to manually uninstall the app.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Farmlands Contact Centre on 0800 200 600 or email

The Farmlands App is the easy way to discover the latest news and offers available to shareholders. It’s Farmlands at your fingertips!


Step 1: Register for MyFarmlands

To use the Farmlands App you need to be registered for MyFarmlands.

To register you will need to know:

  • Your 9 digital Farmlands Account number
  • Your 16 digit Farmlands Card number

Already registered? Head straight to step two.



Step 2: Open the Farmlands App



How to use the Farmlands App on your Windows device

For the easiest way to access the Farmlands App on a Windows device, follow these 3 easy steps below.

Open the Farmlands App and click the 3 dots at the bottom of the screen


Select pin to start


You can now access the Farmlands App from your Start Menu



For more information or if you need any assistance, please call 0800 200 600.