The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCFNZ) supports men and their families across NZ who are living with prostate cancer. They also advocate for better diagnosis and treatment services and we fund vital research.


The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Mission:

“Eliminating death and suffering from prostate cancer”


 PCFNZ work to achieve this by:

  • Creating awareness about prostate cancer and the importance of getting regular checks for men over 50

  • Creating awareness that early detection of prostate cancer leads to better outcomes and survival rates

  • Funding research into better diagnosis and treatments for prostate cancer

  • Advocating for better healthcare services for men with prostate cancer

  • Providing support for men and their families living with prostate cancer through:

     * A network of Support Groups

     * Freephone the helpline on 0800 PROSTATE (477 678)

     * Online Support Forum

     * Webinar series

 Please help us with supporting PCFNZ on this important work for kiwi men.




Donate a gold coin in-store or use your Farmlands Card to donate online today.

Donate online





  • Talk to your friends and family, share it on social media or out in the paddock.

  • Spread the awareness of getting checked and the importance of the Prostate Cancer Foundation to men
    and their families.

  • Share Jason's story about Thingee to raise awareness and make it easier for your mates to talk about the subject.




A fun way to get involved with Blue September is to host your own Blue Do!

Invite the neighbours round for a blue themed coffee morning, or bake some blue themed goodies and ask for a gold coin donation from your farm contractors. Perhaps you could even gather up all those blue machines you've got on your farm and take a picture to share on social media.

Whatever you choose to do, no matter how big or small, you are helping to raise awareness and support for Prostate Cancer Foundation.