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Page last updated: 4 February 2022



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Please bookmark this page and check back often. The page contains regularly updated links to the most vital COVID-19 knowledge hubs and specifically caters for the primary sector. Please share with your colleagues, suppliers, friends and family too.




Farmlands Store Status


Farmlands will make every effort to keep you farming, while we follow COVID-19 protocols. The buttons below will take you to our Store Locator pages, where you can check if your local store has been specifically affected by the outbreak. 

Please note the Farmlands Online Shop is always available for home delivery at and we encourage you to order now to meet your needs.









Farmlands COVID Protection Framework


For clarity, the Red Traffic Light setting means the following for Farmlands stores.


  • All stores are open

  • All staff are fully vaccinated (as of 8th February 2022)

  • All customers, visitors and staff must wear a well-fitting facemask in-store and when our team visit a farm.

  • 1m separation rules apply

  • The number of people in the store is limited to store capacity to hold people at 1m apart.

  • Government Contact Tracing requirements must be followed  





Preparing for Covid-19 on-farm

Federated Farmers have prepared two excellent checklists for farms and lifestyle blocks, to help you get a handle on what needs doing prior to an outbreak in your area.










Links to COVID-19 Resources


Keeping yourself safe

Locations of interest

NZ Government response to Omicron

Wearing a facemask

Mental wellbeing


Protection Framework

Life at red

COVID-19 Protection Framework (PDF Download)


Vaccine and scanning

Get your vaccine booster

Get My Vaccine Pass

My Vaccine Pass Verifier

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