Farmlands Update - Canterbury Flooding


Our thoughts are with everyone in the Canterbury region affected by damage and animal welfare concerns following the heavy rainfall and flooding.


Farmlands is working directly with organisations including MPI, FMG and Federated Farmers to ensure we can provide targeted support to all farmers, shareholders or not, who need assistance.

Here is some important information for our Canterbury shareholders.

  • Despite the flooding and road closures, we currently expect all Farmlands stores to be open for trading on Tuesday, 1st June.

  • Our concern is ensuring that we have the right supplies available to those that need urgent assistance, including fuel. We are working with third party carriers – and other organisations working directly with farmers – to identify what supplies need to arrive in-store as soon as possible.

  • Animal welfare is of critical importance. Our Rolleston-based mill has scheduled additional sheep nut and multi-nut production to boost supply.

  • Farmers who have lost supplementary feed in the flooding and require replacement feed should contact the Feed Coordination Service. The service can help connect farmers with supplementary feed which has been donated or listed for sale. The national feed coordinator Kate Wood can be contacted on 027 455 5204 or

  • We also appreciate this is an incredibly stressful time for our impacted shareholders. We are reaching out directly to shareholders wherever possible.

  • Delivery options are limited in some areas due to road closures. We are again discussing this with freight providers to look at alternative options, where possible.

  • Ashburton Showgrounds has secure space available for evacuated residents to take companion animals. Evacuated residents who need further advice or assistance are encouraged to contact CDEM or the SPCA.

  • Farmlands hard feed options



We are here to support our shareholders through this difficult time and a looking at a range of options to provide rapid, appropriate support.

For further information on support available and latest updates on the situation, please visit the following links:

For direct support or if you have a question for Farmlands, please contact your local Farmlands store.