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Free trial showcases FarmIQ capability

Last month, Farmlands and FarmIQ launched the SafeFarm app, which is free for Farmlands shareholders. There has been a great response and many shareholders are now starting to enjoy the benefits of digital farming.

The opportunity to download SafeFarm for free ties in with Farmlands’ desire to work with farmers to help make our farms safer. Farmlands also appreciates that farming is turning into an increasingly digital business. We want our shareholders to be at the front of technology.

However, technology cannot replace the human elements of Health and Safety compliance. It can support you by providing you with tools to help make compliance simpler and faster.

The features of SafeFarm include:

  • Contractor and visitor management
  • Assign tasks to all on-farm
  • Record activities and tasks
  • Hazard and risk management
  • Report hazards, risks, near misses and injuries

There’s also additional functionality including a shopping list and a diary for everybody on-farm.

The SafeFarms Pack is one of a number of packs available from FarmIQ. As an added incentive to kick-start their digital farming journey, every Farmlands shareholder that signs up for SafeFarm automatically gets a free 30-day trial of the FarmIQ Everyday Pack around 2 weeks after signing up.

The Everyday Pack makes it easy to record everything happening on your farm, from staff hours to animal health treatments. Building on SafeFarm, the pack incorporates a full farm map and a powerful diary that makes it easy to search, plan and record your whole farm’s history. Accurate recording is a key theme in GMP and FarmIQ has proven to be the best farm recording system in New Zealand.

The free 30-day trial is part of Farmlands’ commitment to shareholders – to put their future success at the centre of everything we do. That involves identifying ways we can give shareholders the tools to succeed years from now – not just what was successful years ago.

Farmlands shareholders get a $15.00 discount off their monthly FarmIQ subscription if they upgrade to The Everyday Pack (or any other FarmIQ pack) and continue to share data with Farmlands.

To learn more about SafeFarm, visit