From the CEO

Last month marked 50 years of Fieldays and I spent some time at Mystery Creek, meeting shareholders and enjoying New Zealand’s premier rural event. It was a great opportunity to discuss with shareholders first-hand the journey Farmlands is on and how we will take your co-operative from good to great. I would once again like to congratulate Peter Nation and the team at New Zealand National Fieldays Society for bringing up such an impressive milestone and, once again, staging a great event.

The primary sector has the ability to be a stressful line of work. You can work extremely hard only to face events completely out of your control, such as adverse weather or Mycoplasma bovis. Having said that, the positives do outweigh the negatives, which is why we remain in this great game. The challenge is that it is not always that clear and we need to make sure we get ourselves in the position to cope with those occasions.

You may feel that downing tools for the day could be to the detriment of your farm but it is in fact the opposite – a physically and mentally refreshed version of you puts your property in a much better position. Take the family away for a day, catch up with an old friend, go for a drive away from the farm or even go further afield. Taking some time for yourself during a stressful time is a benefit to your long-term wellbeing.

Our rural communities have been increasingly affected by mental health issues during tough times for our industry. Travelling away is one way to refresh. Another is the simple act of reaching out to talk to someone.

Farmlands is an active supporter of Farmstrong. Their motto – Live Well Farm Well – is four words worth heeding. Visit their website ( and learn some simple ways to address your wellbeing.

Stay safe this winter.

Kind regards,


Peter Reidie
Farmlands CEO