From the CEO

This month is about maintenance – something most of us have been dealing with after 2 months of challenging weather. From drought to fl ood, I hope all of you are taking the time to look after yourselves, as well as your businesses.

Farmlands has had a positive start to this year. Our partnership with Toyota has been welcomed with open arms by our shareholders and the response continues to be encouraging. Providing services for shareholders means nothing without acknowledging why we do it, so we have been asking our shareholders and our staff what it means to belong to this co-operative.

Our history remains important, as do the family loyalties that have shaped our co-operative over generations. Being a co-operative gives us a major point of difference in the rural supplies and services sector, which is why we are reminding staff of our purpose. Our purpose is to re-invent the Farmlands Co-operative spirit, ensuring our shareholders’ future success is at the centre of everything we do.

We’re reinventing what a co-operative is and can be to its shareholders. We can do this by building on the great things about our past (e.g. passion, a “can do” attitude, putting shareholders first and the power of this co-operative) and embracing the need for change to make ourselves not only relevant but critical to your success. Through harnessing the power of the reinvented co-operative spirit, we are making ourselves stronger and better able to meet your changing needs.

The co-operative spirit is what has driven us for more than 50 years. It’s a powerful engine and it’s a very Kiwi thing – Together, as a team, rowing in the same direction. That’s Together with a capital iT because there are many ways Together ties in to our goals, our strategies and our legacy:

Together – Stronger
Together – Better
Together – Grow
Together – With our suppliers
Together – With our shareholders
Together – With each other
Together – Safer
Together – Success

While we are building Farmlands to be the best it can be, the best overall offer continues to be your co-operative. In-store, on-farm or with the Farmlands Card, we deliver you more.

Kind regards, 

Peter Reidie
Farmlands CEO