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From the CEO

This month we celebrate two major partnerships, which show how we put our shareholders at the centre of everything we do.

The safety and wellbeing of our people, both staff and shareholders, will always come first. By working in partnership with organisations such as Farmstrong, we have helped to shine a light on mental health within our rural communities. Now, through our new partnership with Blue September, we want to highlight the need for regular check-ups to make sure physical wellbeing is addressed as well.

Every year, 3,000 New Zealand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and more than 600 will die. It is a sobering statistic – one that would be less if the traditional stoic Kiwi male had regular check-ups.

To support Blue September, we have made this a “blue issue”. You can read first-hand accounts from those that have lived with prostate cancer and we have an interview with the CEO of the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation. You will also see in this month’s Buying Power Promise that many of our suppliers have come on board as “Blue Dot Donors” to help us support Blue September.

Farmlands takes the health and wellbeing of our people seriously. If we can help raise awareness of a subject that is not often talked about, our partnership with Blue September will be a success.

Health and wellbeing is the largest piece of the puzzle – but shareholders become Farmlands members because we can add value to their business as well. We have once again found a way to add value through our new strategic banking partnership with ASB.

Farmlands and ASB have been working together since the start of the year and ASB is now ready to offer banking services to our shareholders.

This is a positive move that showcases the true value of being part of our co-operative. ASB has taken the time to learn about Farmlands and learn about what our shareholders need. That means their tailor-made packages are made with you in mind, focusing on your unique requirements. You can read more about our strategic banking partnership later in this issue.

Have a happy, safe, Blue September!


Kind regards,


Peter Reidie
Farmlands CEO