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From the CEO

This month’s issue touches on some initiatives in the Health and Safety space – including the launch of the SafeVisit app. SafeVisit is free for everyone and will help you manage your farm’s visitors.

While our sector has come some distance on safety, we still have a long way to go. We have not transitioned yet from safety is something we “have” to do to safety is something we “want” to do. There remains many flawed “unsafe” behaviours. Unsafe practices occur without comment or intervention, with many of us participating because we have to.

We know we injure too many people in New Zealand. We know by far the majority of these are preventable through protective attire, appropriate tools, the right methods and work practices. These are available and taught – yet we continue to have
injuries. Why?

One word – attitude. Have to versus want to. Too busy. It’s different on the land. Them not me.

At our National Conference in Lincoln last month, I told our people that “For things to change, I must change”. The same goes for rural New Zealand – for safety results to change, we have to change.

No matter who, no matter what – if you see a way of preventing a risk or doing something safer, please intervene to make that happen. Two questions that I urge you to ask yourself when an opportunity to intervene to make our workplace safer occurs:

If not me, then who?

If not now, when?

Take the responsibility. Take action as incidents happen and before someone gets hurt. “For things to change, I must change.”

Stay safe everyone.

Kind regards,


Peter Reidie
Farmlands CEO