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From the CEO

Welcome to the September issue of The Farmlander.

This month our magazine looks at safety, wellbeing and our partnership with Blue September. Last year with the support of our shareholders, Farmlands raised $93,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

We were pleased with the contribution we donated on behalf of our shareholders but I think we can do better. My challenge to us all this year is to see how much over $100,000 we can get. We have a range of initiatives to support this, from blue bale wrap to in-store events and special edition bags. Proceeds from Blue September go towards the Foundation’s research and support services.

Our partnership with Blue September ties in with our first strategy: Ensuring our people come first. Our people includes our shareholders. We have introduced a range of initiatives to support our local communities, including flu vaccinations and participation in the Goodyarns programme. The first battle for us in the fight against
prostate cancer is to take away any stigma that stops people from having a conversation about their own health. We are a nation of strong, silent types. It’s great to have someone of the standing of Buck Shelford speaking to The Farmlander about the need to talk about men’s health.

To take our co-operative from good to great, we need to make sure our shareholders are not only successful but safe. The busy spring trading season brings plenty of
opportunities for our shareholders. Those opportunities should not come at the expense of wellbeing.

Finally, I would like to thank shareholders for their support as we reach a critical juncture in our Braveheart Programme. The coming weeks and months are a busy time for our people, as they balance supporting our shareholders with utilising our new system. While we appreciate your patience, we remain committed to providing you with all the goods, services and technical expertise you would expect from the business that you own.

All the best for the month ahead.