From the CEO

We have started well this financial year and while the weather has certainly tried to dent our early trading, we are still making good progress as one team. We are moving in the right direction by harnessing the buying power of more than 65,000 shareholders more effectively.

Over the past month I have been personally discussing our progress and performance with shareholders around the country. Our Regional Muster series has been well received and I have appreciated the chance to discuss our strategies and our vision for the future in person. I appreciate the timing of some of these meetings has been challenging but we have sought to be working around the end of our fi nancial year and our commitment is to be in front of our people every 6 months.

The Regional Musters have given myself and members of the Farmlands Leadership Team valuable time with shareholders, during a busy time of the year for everyone. The feedback, just like our shareholders, has been diverse but passionate. One event was attended by people wanting to become shareholders. Another was attended by a shareholder who was an early member of our co-operative and was a Board member during the 1980s. I am grateful to each shareholder that has provided us with their views.

While shareholders get a chance to hear about our vision for the future, we in turn get the opportunity to hear direct feedback from shareholders that may not have been received otherwise. First and foremost, we remain your co-operative and your questions, thoughts, praise and criticisms all contribute to improving how we serve your interests.

These events will continue through to 17th October. Our Regional Musters have made their way around most of the North Island, with only Whangarei to go. However, South Island shareholders can still RSVP to events at Invercargill, Alexandra, Taieri, Richmond and Greymouth by visiting

I wish you all a safe and successful month ahead.

Peter Reidie
Farmlands CEO