Important safety alert regarding overhead fuel tanks

This is an important safety alert for Farmlands Fuel customers.

There has been an incident on a customer's farm where an overhead tank collapsed while being filled by a Farmlands Fuel driver, who was seriously injured. The root cause was significant corrosion (rust) on one of the tank legs. There were also farm implements nearby that contributed to the driver's injuries.

We want to work with you to keep you, your employees and our drivers safe and to make sure an accident like this does not happen on your farm/site.

As a matter of priority, please can you act to:

  1. Check each of your fuel tanks and support structures for signs of corrosion (rust) or metal fatigue
  2. Make sure all tanks are properly secured to a flat foundation
  3. Ensure the work area around each tank is safe, with a clear path free of obstacles
  4. If you have any concerns or would like assistance, contact us on 0800 666 626 or

For more information please visit the WorkSafe guidelines for above-ground fuel storage on farms.

Thank you in advance for doing this. Our team is here to help and we can work with you to ensure a safer operational environment for all.