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Legacy honours learning

Farmlands Director – People and Safety, Ruth Knewstubb discusses why it important to have initiatives such as the Tom Cranswick Memorial Award, to foster the primary sector’s next generation.

2017 Award WinnersOVUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is a term I hear often these days. It is a sign of the perpetually changing landscape we live in – a more demanding, digitally connected and high-speed world where the promise of tomorrow is on your doorstep already.

It also means that our future primary sector leaders need to retain the basic lessons of the land that have not changed in generations and meld them with an entire new curriculum, which can change whenever technology advances (which is always).

Farmlands continues to support the Tom Cranswick Memorial Award for two reasons. The first is to honour the contributions of Tom Cranswick, who played a fundamental role in the formative years of our co-operative. The North Island part of our co-operative’s story began with a meeting at the Eskdale Hall (near Napier) in December 1962. Farmers put their hands up to join the co-operative and Tom Cranswick was shareholder number two.

He served on the Farmlands Board until 1985, including 20 years as Chairman. His influential role in our business is not underestimated and it is fitting that the next generation of our sector (and our co-operative) can receive an award from someone who paved the way.

Farmlands Director – People and Safety, Ruth Knewstubb.The second reason is as a co-operative, when we look to the future we see many opportunities on the horizon for our sector. A great deal of this promise sits on the shoulders of those with the passion to take these opportunities forward in the years to come.

Within our co-operative, our ambition is to support our own people to grow and be future-focused. We know success will come if we lead the change and thus this will have an impact on the betterment of the New Zealand primary sector. Eventually, this will support better outcomes for all Kiwis.

Farmlands is committed to investing in the future of our sector with initiatives like the Tom Cranswick Memorial Awards. Just as Farmlands is on our journey from good to great, we want to recognise and acknowledge those at the beginning of their own journeys.

As our sector looks to the next generation for the creation of great products and ideas, we seek to provide opportunities to Farmlands shareholders, staff and their families to lead the way.