Recall Notice - Unused Jarvis Econo woolpacks

We are communicating directly with all shareholders that have purchased Jarvis Econopacks from Farmlands in the past 12 months. While we no longer sell this product, we are issuing a recall notice for any you may still have in your possession.

What has happened
In April, NZ Woolscourers and New Zealand Wool Dumping sent a letter notifying suppliers they would no longer be accepting Econopacks from 1st July. NZ Woolscourers have cited performance issues as the main reason for this decision.

NZ Woolscourers and New Zealand Wool Dumping state that they became aware of these issues in late 2020 and those issues were not resolved by the time they made the decision to stop accepting Econopacks in March 2021 but with a grace period through to the 30th of June 2021.
While tests have been ongoing to prove the compliance of the product, the same issues have continued to be experienced by NZ Woolscourers and New Zealand Wool Dumping. Their stance is that as an industry, there needs to be adherence to the standard and a review of the regulatory settings for woolpacks.

Jarvis have advised that they believe the Econopack is fit for purpose. Their independent testing carried out through the New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA) shows that no pack on the market, new or recycled, passes the voluntary standard across all of the criteria. They have advised that they intend to complain to the Commerce Commission about what they claim is anti-competitive action by NZ Woolscourers and New Zealand Wool Dumping.

From Farmlands’ end, we ceased selling Econopacks as soon as we were notified of the issue in January 2021. Testing was undertaken immediately by NZ Woolscourers and the manufacturer of the packs, Jarvis. Farmlands has also undertaken its own testing.
Farmlands was made aware of the letter later in April, however since then there has been a series of talks to try and come up with a compromise to help our shareholders. 

We have delayed communicating to shareholders that have previously purchased Econopacks as we have been working directly to try and extend the deadline for our shareholders. Regardless, we apologise to any shareholder that has been caught out by this change.

What we have been doing
Farmlands Co-operative has engaged directly with Jarvis and the wool industry to help them find a compromise that is suitable to all parties. The options we have proposed include:

  • Additional independent testing
  • Extending the deadline for wool pack acceptance
  • Compensation for impacted growers

What you need to do
At this stage and despite our best efforts, NZ Woolscourers and New Zealand Wool Dumping have not extended the deadline past 1st July. As a result:

  • We are issuing a recall notice to all unused or emptied Jarvis Econopacks. Any unused or emptied pack that has been purchased from Farmlands can be returned to your nearest Farmlands branch and you will receive a credit on your Account for the value of your purchase.
  • If you have wool already packed inside a Jarvis Econopack, these will probably need to be repacked before making their way to the wool trade. This can be undertaken either by yourself or a local wool buyer. Given the circumstances, some local wool buyers are offering this service free of charge – please check with your local buyer. 

The responsibility for payment of any re-packing service lies with Jarvis or NZ Woolscourers. We have notified both parties of this directly. However, we want to proactively help shareholders find a quick and easy solution. We are developing a list of wool buyers that will re-pack the wool free of charge and we will circulate this as soon as it becomes available.

If you have any additional questions about this ongoing situation, we recommend you visit: