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SafeFarm set to improve Health and Safety on-farm

Farmlands recently welcomed Katrina Berry as the new General Manager – Safety and Wellbeing. Katrina brings a wealth of experience to Farmlands, having been part of the New Zealand Health and Safety industry for more than 13 years. She has worked in both public and private sector organisations throughout the country.

The daughter of three-time Golden Shears Champion, Colin King, Katrina was raised on a 161-hectare sheep and beef farm in Otorohanga. She and her family are still involved in the New Zealand agricultural sector today.

Katrina is passionate about rural communities and she says that what gets her out of bed every day is the work that Farmlands is doing to provide support for shareholders to keep themselves, their families and visitors to farms safe. Since joining Farmlands, Katrina has been a key part of the SafeFarm project team, enhancing the FarmIQ Health and Safety content for release to Farmlands shareholders. A focus for the development work has been to provide a package that does not just meet minimum Health and Safety compliance requirements but that can support good and even best practice. Key enhancements in the SafeFarm package include contractor management, emergency preparedness and the assessment of risk when identifying hazards.

SafeFarm provides an easy to understand Health and Safety system to support all types of farming operations. It is easy to use and has a solid mobile platform. Farmers and their staff can record Health and Safety information like near misses and hazards/risks easily and on the go.

“Some farmers don’t understand their responsibilities to contractors,” Katrina says. “Even if they are a one-man band they more than likely have contractors come onto their farm. SafeFarm provides an easy to follow process to ensure the transfer of safety related information prior to work starting.”

Farmlands has partnered with OnFarmSafety New Zealand to support SafeFarm users who might need some extra help with managing Health and Safety on-farm. They can assist with all SafeFarm content including hazard and risk identification, contractor management and any other aspects of Health and Safety. If you need some extra help with Health and Safety on your property, visit the Farmlands website, or talk to your Farmlands Technical Field Officer to get in touch with OnFarmSafety New Zealand.