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Thank you for your service

Farmlands Co-operative would like to thank our three retiring Directors – Joe Ferraby, David Jensen and Peter Wilson.

All three were part of the original Board following the 2013 merger and between them represent more than 60 years of governance within our co-operative.

As Shareholder Directors, Joe Ferraby and David Jensen have been elected to represent their fellow shareholders. Independent Director Peter Wilson has complemented the elected representatives with his extensive boardroom experience.

The results of the 2018 Farmlands Director Elections were announced to shareholders in attendance at the 55th Annual General Meeting, held in Hokitika on 23rd November. To find out the results of the Director Elections, visit

Joe Ferraby

Deciding what the biggest achievement was during his time on the Board is a difficult question for Joe Ferraby to answer.

“Over 38 years it is a tricky one.”

The Awatere Valley sheep and beef farmer has stepped down from his role as Director after playing a part in Farmlands governance dating back to the 1980s.

That involved seeing the business through the four mergers that have made it the nationwide co-operative it is today.

“I think when I first started we were making over $400,000 or something. To be part of the merger – and that’s four mergers – and coming through to the business we are today is a big achievement.”

Joe says the 2013 merger between CRT and Farmlands was certainly the most challenging.

His extensive knowledge, previously holding governance roles at Silver Fern Farms, Destination Marlborough Trust, Marlborough Lines and Nelson Electricity to name a few, made his input highly valued. He is also the Chairman of publiclyowned Terra Vitae Vineyards.

Joe says retiring from the Board would be a big change but his time with the co-operative had been a “great journey”.

“I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s been a big part of my life, you have to fit your life around making time to do these things.

“I’ve worked with and met some great people, both in governance and management.”

He says right from the start, the most important part of the cooperative was our staff.

“They’re the people our shareholders deal with and recognise.”

David Jensen

The successful 2013 merger and servicing the needs of our shareholders nationwide were the two biggest achievements for David Jensen during his time on the Board.

The Pyes Pa dairy farmer and orchardist has retired from his Director’s role after 12 years in the job.

Reflecting on his time with the co-operative, David says the merger was a big achievement. “I think the merger would be the obvious one but probably the real answer is we’ve become a company of national significance and we’ve got nationwide coverage in terms of meeting the needs of our shareholders.”

David was part of the inaugural Farmlands Co-operative Board in 2013 after the merger with CRT.

He is a Director of Livestock Improvement Corporation and was previously a Director of Satara Co-op and Chair of Eastpack Growers Forum, Satara Kiwifruit Supply Limited and AvoFresh.

Running his own dairy farm as well as 24ha of gold and green kiwifruit and 3ha of avocados also made David’s vast knowledge and business acumen highly valued around the table.

“I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve met some really interesting people along the way, in Board Directors, staff and shareholders.”

Peter Wilson

After a decade of service, Peter Wilson has retired from his role of Independent Director on the Board.

A guiding hand in the merger between CRT and Farmlands, Peter said it too was one of his biggest achievements.

“I think for all of us who are retiring, we were around at the time that the merger was being contemplated then initially discussed and finally agreed upon.” He says it was a massive challenge given the systems, administration and practices that were in place.

“The challenge of the merger probably exceeded our expectations as for the complexity of it. It has taken some time to deal with the challenges.”

Peter, who lives in Otaki, is a chartered accountant and professional Company Director. He has served on the Boards of several national companies, which currently included Westpac New Zealand Limited and Meridian Energy Limited, and previously, Westpac Banking Corporation of Australia.

His extensive business and pan-industry experience has proved invaluable to the cooperative in a role he enjoyed. “I’m a Company Director – it’s the work that I do and you don’t do it unless you are happy with the people you work with and you’re happy with the organisation going forward. I’ve enjoyed it very much.”