The path to the right vocation

Students looking for a career in the primary industries can become frustrated if the education opportunities they receive during secondary school don’t transfer into the ‘real world’ once they start seeking a job or further study.

To help provide more transferable education for students looking to join or study industry after secondary school, the Ministry of Education has created Vocational Pathways, which incorporate industry-specific training and help highlight how a student’s learning will be valued in the ‘real world’ of industry.

Vocatioanl PathwaysWhat are Vocational Pathways?

There are six industry specific Vocational Pathways. These six pathways represent ways a student can structure NCEA Level 2 to allow them to staircase into a chosen industry. For example, a student wanting to work in or study horticulture would align their NCEA Level 2 studies and training with the Primary Industries Pathway.

What is a Vocational Pathway Award?

A Vocational Pathway Award is granted to a student who achieves the minimum recommended NCEA credits for a specific pathway, including credits gained through industry specific training.

What is Industry Specific Training?

Vertical Horizonz works with schools to deliver Rural, Industrial Safety, Health and Safety, First Aid and Leadership training as part of their Youth training division. These industry specific training courses align with Vocational Pathways and provide students with real life industry skills.

What do employers need to know?

For employers, any new recruit is a risk to your business but that risk is heightened when an applicant is new to a specific industry or workforce. Vocational Pathways is industryendorsed, so employers within the industry know they can trust the training that has been given to an applicant with a relevant Vocational Pathway Award.

Employers can have confidence that young people are better prepared to participate in the workforce if they have achieved NCEA Level 2 with a Vocational Pathway.

What do parents need to know?

If your teenager is thinking about a future in the primary industries, the Primary Industries Vocational Pathway can help you, your teenager and your teenager’s school work together to tailor studies and industry specific training towards the Primary Industries Vocational Pathway. This helps all involved see how your teenager’s learning relates to study and employment opportunities in the future.

To support trainees seeking a Primary Industries Vocational Award, Vertical Horizonz through the Gateway programme offer courses including Rural Health and Safety, Knowledge of Chainsaw Safety, Quad Bike and Light Utility Vehicle Safety.

As a parent, you can talk to your teenager’s school to discuss how these courses can be incorporated into your teenager’s studies.

Together, primary industry, students, parents, schools and Vertical Horizonz can work to help a student achieve enough credits for a Vocational Pathway Award. This makes it simple for employers to see who has the abilities they are looking for and makes landing that first job all the more painless for a student at the dawn of their chosen career.