A phishing scam that targets users of our Farmlands online store has been discovered. A similar event – with a similar layout – occurred to another business late last year.

This is a scam and is in no way associated with Farmlands. Please remember:

  • We do not have a promotion where you can click on a link to receive an iPhone 12 for $2 postage fee.
  • We would only ask for your credit card details when completing a purchase at the online store, if that is your preferred payment method. Farmlands will never ask you for your credit card information in any survey.

If you have entered your credit card information for a survey, you need to contact your bank immediately and check your bank statement for irregular transactions. It is recommended if you have entered your details anywhere other than the Farmlands online store counter that you cancel your card.

This attack is not taking place on the Farmlands website or online store. Instead, it redirects you from our online store. Please be mindful of what is in your address bar while visiting our online store.

We will update you on any new information as it becomes available.