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We have changed our bank account details


Farmlands has teamed up with ASB as our new strategic banking partner, which means we now have a new bank account number.

Our decision to switch to ASB was in the best interests of your co-operative. It opens up exciting opportunities for both Farmlands and our shareholders!

There will be some exciting announcements coming soon, however the first announcement is the change in account details. Here’s what you as a Farmlands shareholder need to know.

When did the change take affect?

The change-over took place on 1st June, however we wanted to make sure shareholders had plenty of time to make the switch. Our old bank account remains open and is receiving payments and this will remain open for the time being.

We wanted to make sure all shareholders didn’t have to rush to change their banking. For those on direct debit, the change has already taken place. The switch should also have happened automatically for those that have Farmlands saved as a ‘Payee’ in their internet banking.

I pay by internet banking but it has declined. Is there a problem?

Unfortunately, for a few shareholders the change was not as straight forward as we had hoped. Some banks require different information in the ‘Reference’ line of their banking. Try removing the first ‘0’ at the front of the reference line and it should process fine.

Why did you move to ASB?

Farmlands Co-operative and ASB have teamed up and we are working on some exciting benefits for both the co-operative and shareholders. We will be able to tell you more about this soon.

I’ve already paid into the old account. Is this an issue?

Not at all – our old account remains open and will transact as normal. The reason we didn’t let shareholders know of the change sooner is because it is very much business as usual. Some shareholders have had a hiccup with payment however, so we thought it was important to let everyone know.

How long have I got to transition to the new account?

We will make a decision in the next few months about when we will be closing our old account and we will let you know when this decision is made.

Where do I go for more information?

If you have had any issue with your banking, no matter how small, feel free to email or call 0800 200 600. We will work through the change with you.