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Acadian Seaweed Promotion

Simply purchase 3 packs of Acadian seaweed and go into the draw to WIN one of ten chances to get your purchase back!*

Using seasweed extracts to power your plants.

Acadian Seaweed Powder is suitable for both commercial growers and home gardeners.

  • Stimulate plant growth and development by endogenous hormone upregulation
  • Increase resistance to biotic and abiotic plant stress
  • Improved yield and quality
  • Organic biostimulant to improve plant growth and development
  • Simple, effective fertilizer for healthy fruit and vegetables
  • Increase fertilizer uptake and less problems with pests and diseases
  • BioGro certified ‘healthier plants and environment’

Acadian Seaweed Powder is also great as a home lawn organic fertilizer that keeps grass green and healthy under hot  and dry conditions. Product applications are scientifically proven to increase fruit quality, yield, root growth and early plant development plus aids in stress resistance and recovery. 



*Terms and Conditions apply.