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Safeguard your crops against potential threats and get rewarded! Purchase 1x Ampligo or 6x Minecto Star between 1st November 2018 and 30th April 2019 and get 1000 Choices points!*

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AMPLIGO 5L (SKU 149023)


MINECTO STAR 900G (SKU 209962)

  • Contains chlorantraniliprole, and a fast-acting synthetic pyrethroid (lambda-cyhalothrin).
  • Best against early-mid season pests (nysius, cutworm and leaf miner).
  • Good compatibility and crop safety with many commonly used herbicides.
  • Not IPM compatible, best used early season prior to build-up of beneficial insect numbers.
  • Contains cyantraniliprole, and a systemic aphicide (pymetrozine).
  • Best against mid-late season pests (aphids, caterpillars and leaf miner).
  • Provides superior control of aphids compared to using cyantraniliprole alone.
  • Compatible with IPM practices with low to no impact on beneficial species.



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