Term Loan Calculator

Before you begin please note:

  • The 'First Payment date' is calculated as one month from the 'Date Loan Required'. If no date is selected, the date is calculated as one month from today's date.
  • The 'Final Payment date' is calculated from the 'First Payment date' and the 'Term in months'
  • The minimum Loan Amount is $5000
  • The maximum Loan Amount is $500,000
  • The values calculated are indicative only. Each loan would normally include a Documentation Fee that may be added to the Loan Amount.


Loan Requirements

Loan amount ($):



Annual interest rate:
(Fixed for the full term)

% per annum.*

Payment frequency:


Term in months:
(up to 36 months)



Date loan required:




Payment Details

No. of payments:
First payment date:
One month from date loan required
Last payment date:
Calculated from date loan required and number of payments
Amount of each payment:
Total amount of payments:
Total interest: