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Biolchim, a leading supplier of nutrition and bio stimulants to the kiwifruit industry has designed K-Bomber 56 KIWI specifically for the kiwifruit industry.

Kiwifruit nutrition is an important aspect of orchard management for maintenance and fruit quality. Research over the years indicates that good vine nutrition can have major benefits in fruit quality and yield.

Through technical knowledge and extensive research of kiwifruit nutrient uptake demands, Biolchim have been able to select the best fertiliser sources to create K-Bomber 56 KIWI. Coupled with over 20 years’ experience in the global kiwifruit industry Biolchim has perfected the nutrient contents, rates and timing of applications required to achieve optimal results. K-Bomber 56 KIWI is a formulation very high in potassium and aids the development of fruit sugar and acid brix. The product is also involved in transpiration mechanisms and regulating stomatal opening and closing.

The inclusion of adjuvants and the complexing agent EDTA, K-Bomber 56 KIWI is highly soluble and readily penetrates to be absorbed by the leaves. When applied in the appropriate phenological stages, K-Bomber 56 KIWI slows excessive vegetative growth. It also helps the plant to improve water use efficiency.

Potassium also acts in a range of transportation and accumulation processes within the plant, including the translocation of nitrates and the activation of some key enzymes. It should be noted that K-Bomber 56 KIWI contains no chloride.

K-Bomber 56 KIWI is supplied in a handy 2.5kg bag which is the recommended application rate per hectare, making it easy for growers to handle and use. The recommended water rate is 1,000L/hectare. Application of K-Bomber 56 KIWI should commence from fruit enlargement through close to fruit harvest (note 7-day pre harvest interval), with a total of 2-4 applications recommended. K-Bomber 56 KIWI is approved for use on the Zepsri Allowed Other Compound (AOC) List.

Kiwifruit leaf analysis is recommended for the assessment of potassium, particularly when tracking crop loads. An ideal window for growers to undertake sampling is 70 days post bud break.


Talk to your local Farmlands Technical Advisor about a tailored nutrition
program for your valuable kiwifruit crop.

Article supplied by Biolchim.