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Growing Organic

The 20/21 Organic Sector Market Report has been released and it’s good news for New Zealand growers. This article from Farmlands’ Gaz Ingram, goes into detail about why consumers are choosing to buy organic and which sectors are showing the most growth. 


Sap Testing Tech

Identifying plant deficiencies or excesses before they become visible can make a huge difference to end of season crop performance. Read on to find out more about the results of this testing, after it was introduced to the Marlborough viticulture sector in 2019. 


Optimal Pest Control

Even and thorough distribution of the active ingredient Spirotetramat, can greatly enhance the mortality of chewing and sucking pests on leaves. Through the unique formulation and in-built adjuvants, spirotetramat penetrates the leaf to create a chemical reaction, making Movento a highly effective solution for your orchard. 





Savvy Fungal Control

While commonly used to control botrytis in wine grapes, SAVVY 500SC combines Cyprodinil and Fludioxonil to create an easy-to-use liquid formulation that’s working wonders.


Versatility and Performance

For pip-fruit growers, effective control of codling moth, leaf-roller caterpillar and bronze beetle is paramount. Vayego is an ideal solution in effective crop protection programs with excellent efficacy and high level of crop safety.  


The PSA Lowdown

Cool wet spring conditions favour development of the disease, which a poorly timed spray can’t stop. A new forward-risk model from Plant Food and Research however is helping growers plan their spraying programmes better.