Unique product proving popular


Savvy 500SC™ is a unique liquid formulation from Grochem New Zealand and is a combination of Cyprodinil 300g and 200g Fludioxonil in the form of a novel liquid suspension concentrate.

While mainly used for the control of botrytis in wine grapes, Savvy 500SC™ is also registered in New Zealand for botrytis control in bulb onions and the
control of botrytis, anthracnose and rhizopus in strawberries.

Supplied exclusively by Farmlands in the New Zealand market for the last two seasons, Savvy 500SC™ has proven to be very popular with wine grape growers and spraying contractors.

While combination products of Cyprodinil 300g and 200g Fludioxonil are a mainstay approach for botrytis control in wine grapes, the appeal of Savvy 500SC™ is the easier and safer to use liquid formulation in a convenient 10L pack. This pack size is ideal for contractors and larger operators with a simple application rate of 1L per hectare.

Savvy 500SC™ has been extensively trialled since 2015 in both Australia and New Zealand and has had 2 years of commercial use in New Zealand. The extensive field trials demonstrated that the active ingredients were at least as effective as the other Cyprodinil and Fludioxonil formulated products in the market.

The 2015 field trials under high disease pressure in the Nelson region demonstrated the same excellent efficacy as the current available WG formulations, as well as excellent crop safety.

Marlborough grape grower Pete Binsted has been impressed with Savvy. “The liquid formulation of Savvy 500SC™ and its packaging in the 10L pack has provided enhanced usability compared with the packs of the previous WG product, all while maintaining equal efficacy,” Pete says.

Savvy 500SC™ contains Cyprodinil belonging to the anilinopyrimidine class of chemistry; resistance to this chemistry could develop with repeated use. Please use in accordance with the label instructions and wine company withholding periods.

Given last season’s shortage of other products of this active ingredient combination, growers interested in this product should talk to their Farmlands Technical Advisor soon to secure their Savvy 500SC™ requirements.

For more information please contact your local Farmlands Technical Advisor.

Article supplied by Grochem.