Versatile pest control for pipfruit growers


A versatile tool for apple growers is helping to control codling moth, leaf roller caterpillar and bronze beetle.

Launched into the pipfruit market in 2020, Vayego® 200SC Insecticide from Bayer, contains the active ingredient tetraniliprole. This allows growers to incorporate a different solution into their seasonal pest management programme, bringing excellent efficacy against codling moth, leaf roller caterpillar and bronze beetle, offering growers versatility and flexibility.

With over 4,000 trials performed globally, a rigorous testing programme in New Zealand and now a year of use in the market, Vayego has demonstrated excellent efficacy across the lepidoptera and coleoptera species targeted. These trials have shown that Vayego has some attractive properties that contribute to its versatility, safety, strength and performance.

Vayego is active on all three life stages of codling moth, from eggs to adults. While the main control comes from larval ingestion, Vayego also provides:

  • Preventative and curative ovicidal activity on codling moth eggs: Breaks the lifecycle before eggs hatch.
  • Larval control: Rapid cessation of larval feeding gives more strength to codling moth control. Larvae lose muscle control, become immobile and cease feeding immediately after application, giving the benefit of less damaged fruit.
  • Adult activity: Further action comes from disrupting the viability and number of eggs laid by female adults that come into contact with Vayego.

Vayego is also locally systemic which ensures distribution throughout the leaf, helping to maximise coverage.

Another beneficial feature is the label claim for bronze beetle control. This makes Vayego a highly versatile pest control option for pipfruit growers.

Vayego is recommended to be used from post petal fall through to early December. For best practice resistance management, it is important that Vayego is used as part of a seasonal pest control programme that incorporates other chemistries with different modes of action. Vayego should only be applied to one generation of codling moth. By targeting the petal fall to early December period, Vayego will only be applied to generation one, which fits into the recommended guidelines and will protect insect management for the future.

Over many years of trials, Vayego has also shown a high level of crop safety, both when applied on its own, or when mixed with a wide range of tank mix partners.

For further information, contact your Farmlands Technical Advisor or the friendly team at your local Farmlands store.

Article supplied by Bayer New Zealand Limited. Vayego® is a registered trademark of the Bayer Group.