Our Nutrition division manufactures and distributes high quality animal feeds. The ranges of McMillan, Reliance, and NRM brand feeds together make one of the largest in New Zealand, covering animals from mice and rats through to cows and horses.




All brands enjoy strong market share with a long and proud reputation for quality. This quality is paramount importance to us – it is the cornerstone of our success and that of our shareholders.

Quality guarantee

Our products are formulated by leading New Zealand nutritionists and are subject to an ongoing and rigorous testing programme to guarantee consistent nutritional value, performance delivery and health compliance.


The FeedBarn range of feeds is vast and covers all animals from horn to hoof, poultry to pig and even pets. In addition to stockfood, the FeedBarn also stocks a large range of specialist equine products and an array of feeding troughs.

Business Manager:
Jess Murphy

Address: 144 West Coast Road, Yaldhurst, 8042

Phone: 03 342 9245

Fax: 03 342 5323


Opening Hours: 
8am-5:30pm (Mon to Fri)
9am-2pm (Sat)



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Contact the Nutrition Team

For more information or to contact the Nutrition Team, please call 0800 626 455 or email: