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Join us on our mission to help make New Zealand’s farms the safest in the world

We’re already among the most effective and innovative, why not aim to be the safest too? It’s an achievable goal.

As a first step towards this, we want to equip all shareholders with free safety software to help keep them, their workers and their families safe.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with FarmIQ, New Zealand’s most complete farm software, to create the Farmlands SafeFarms Pack, containing innovative tools to help make Health and Safety management on your property easier and more effective.

Click below to hear from Resilient Farmer, Doug Avery, about the importance of Health and Safety on-farm and the benefits FarmIQ has brought to Bonavaree, his sheep, beef, dairy support and cropping farm in Grassmere, 34km south of Blenheim.



The first product to be released in the SafeFarms Pack, SafeFarm, is a comprehensive Health and Safety app that is completely free of charge for shareholders.

A start to your digital farming journey, SafeFarm is a no brainer when it comes to taking steps to meet your Health and Safety obligations on-farm.

SafeFarm Features


Relevant for all farming sectors


Hazard and risk management


Contractor and visitor management


Report Hazards, risks, near misses and injuries


Assign tasks to all on-farm


Record rainfall and soil temperature


Record activities and tasks 


Desktop and mobile app available


Sign up to SafeFarm

So, what are you waiting for? All you need to get started is your Farmlands Card and 5-10 minutes to spare as you step through the online on-boarding process. The sign up process works best on your PC using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer web browsers. As this product is brought to you for free, self on-boarding is required. Take the time to review the help videos along the way if needed.



Before you start, make sure you download this handy information sheet from WorkSafe to help you learn more about Health and Safety on-farm.


Once you've finished setting up your farm, don't forget to download your mobile app.


Want to achieve Health and Safety compliance but don't have time to set up SafeFarm?

Never fear, we've partnered with OnFarmSafetyNZ to provide comprehensive support services for SafeFarm. OnFarmSafetyNZ are New Zealand’s leading rural Health and Safety specialists. The team have been supporting New Zealand farmers in meeting their Health and Safety obligations since 2013.

For farmers who want some help in setting up SafeFarm, the team at OnFarmSafetyNZ will be only too happy to help. Their services include:

  • a free 10 minute follow up phone call for shareholders who have signed up to SafeFarm
  • audits of current Health and Safety practices in place on-farm
  • online, via phone or in-person assistance for farmers setting up SafeFarm
  • staff coaching on-farm if required

If you would like assistance don't hesitate to contact OnFarmSafetyNZ on 0508 663 276



SafeFarm is just the start!

Keep your eyes peeled – SafeFarm is just the start for this digital Health and Safety Journey. In 2019 we'll be launching SafeVisit – our game-changing contractor management tool that will allow you to record who is on your farm and when.


Want more functionality? Check out the full range of FarmIQ Products

As part of our FarmIQ partnership, we're also offering $15 off a month on all new FarmIQ packs.
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