The All Together Better Rewards Programme Choices
for shareholders.

Choices Rewards redemptions are back! We are still working on e-voucher redemptions, pick-up in store and top-ups so sit tight, they will be up and running again soon.



Look what's new:



Simpler points earning
No different earn rates, just 1 point for every $2 you spend across Farmlands (excluding Nutrition commodities including PKE, DDGS and soya hulls), with our Card Partners or on essential services you put through your Farmlands Account like power, telecommunications and insurance.


Easier to redeem
Redeem online from our rewards shop with a new easy to use website.

Want to redeem via phone? Call our team on 0800 200 600.


Points-plus-pay option

Not enough points to redeem for what you want? No problem, just make up the difference with your Farmlands Account.


No waiting for deliveries
We now have e-vouchers that can be sent instantly, along with a wide range of gift cards. Plus a pick up in-store option for selected Card Partner redemptions.

 Booster points    

Personalised points boosters
We’ll send you exclusive offers from time-to-time with ways to earn extra points.



Now it’s all together simpler to earn Choices Rewards Points.


Earn  1 point for every $2 you spend.


Across Farmlands
Including in-store purchases, seed, fuel, fertiliser and Real Estate (excluding Nutrition commodities including PKE, DDGS and soya hulls).

With our Card Partners
Earn points across our network of 7,000 Card Partner locations nationwide.

On essential services billed through your Farmlands Account
From insurance and telecommunications to power, gas and energy.


It’s just the beginning.

We’re continuing to work on extra ways for you to earn Choices Rewards Points on your everyday purchases through Farmlands, so watch this space!




Choices RewardsThe All Together Better Rewards Programme.


Make sure you're rewarded for more of what we do together, head into your local Farmlands store and find out more today!

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