EDI Platform Project

Farmlands is streamlining our inventory procure to invoice process that we have with suppliers.  This covers the current process of how we send Purchase Orders and how we receive Invoices.

In the very near future, we will move to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which will be provided for us by ProAgrica. The EDI platform will be operating from December 2020 and we will then be looking to transition all suppliers to the platform by March 2021.

These changes are explained in more detail in the linked documents ‘Procure to Pay Supplier Briefing' and ‘Summary Outline for Suppliers’.  Our standard supplier terms and conditions have also been updated to reflect the upcoming changes.  See ‘Supplier Terms and Conditions 2020'.

Suppliers should read these documents carefully and ensure their Sales, Finance and IT teams are aware of the upcoming changes.
EDI will be enabled with all of our suppliers through either:

  1. WebSupplier.  This is an internet portal (provided by ProAgrica) that provides for the EDI transactions to be received and sent by you without the need for any changes to your back office systems. This is ideal where the order volumes are low, or as an interim solution while Enterprise is considered.  Websupplier requires very little setup and training, but provides no integration to your ERP/Back Office systems and processes.  An overview document on how Websupplier works is ‘Websupplier Overview'.
  2. Enterprise.  Typically preferred where order volumes are high, this provides for direct integration of the EDI transactions with your ERP/Back Office systems and processes.  Enterprise will require the support of your technology teams to setup, the extent of which will depend on your current use of EDI with other customers.

While there may be some one-off work to do to set ProAgrica up, once established, you should experience a reduced workload for your business, more accurate data flows, less invoice queries and ultimately more timely invoice payments.

Building on EDI, Farmlands will also be introducing a vendor portal where we will be providing you with (among other things) information on the status of invoice processing giving you an early view on pending payments.

If you have any questions relating to these changes please contact our Team at Purchase.Confirmations@farmlands.co.nz

WebSupplier Training Materials

WebSupplier Overview - Part 1 - Navigation and search
WebSupplier Overview - Part 2 - Review an order
WebSupplier Overview - Part 3 - Accept an order with no changes
WebSupplier Overview - Part 4 - Reject an order
WebSupplier Overview - Part 5 - Accept an order with changes
WebSupplier Overview - Part 6 - Review and accept changes to an order
WebSupplier Overview - Part 7 - Send a shipment note
WebSupplier Overview - Part 8 - Send an invoice

Websupplier Software Update – Changes to Order Confirm

WebSupplier Overview
WebSupplier User Guide
WebSupplier Quick Steps Guide

Training Content
Introduction to Websupplier - training slide deck
Web recording for existing ProAgrica users
Web recording for new ProAgrica users