Give now to the Cyclone Gabrielle Response Fund

Contribute what you can to the Cyclone Gabrielle Response Fund – and Farmlands will match contributions up to 50k in total funds raised.

For farmers, growers and families across impacted parts of Te Ika-a-Māui, the North Island, we know it’s an extremely difficult time. It’s also going to be a while until the full scale of the devastation is known.

As an immediate response we have set up our own ‘Cyclone Gabrielle Response Fund’ so anyone can contribute to the recovery of these communities.

All you need to do is click HERE for an online contribution or visit your local Farmlands store and contribute through your Farmlands Account to the 2023 Cyclone Gabrielle Response Fund.

100% of your gift will be used to help support the livelihoods of the people hardest hit by the disaster, and Farmlands will match those contributions to a total of $50,000


Frequently Asked Questions  


How can I give to impacted communities?
We’ve set up a Cyclone Gabrielle Response Fund – and you can contribute by visiting one of our stores or contacting your local store over the phone.

If I can’t make it make it into a store, are there any other ways to give? i.e online or over the phone?
Yes – simply call your local Farmlands store to contribute via your Farmlands account or with a credit or debit card. Plus we have now created an e-com solution – anyone can now contribute by going to No purchase is necessary and you don’t have to be registered with MyFarmlands.

Has Farmlands given money to the Response Fund?
Yes, we’re matching contributions up to a total funds raised of $50,000. As at 9am Friday 24 February, customers have already contributed $298,478.00 so that’s over $344k with the Farmlands’ contribution.

What organisation/s will our ‘Cyclone Gabrielle Relief Fund’ contributions go to?

•         We’ve donated $50,000 to the East Coast Rural Support Trust to use for mental health and wellbeing
•         We’ve also donated $25,000 to the Northland Rural Support Trust to use for mental health and wellbeing
•         We have allocated a pool of $100k to be used by the five stores/sales team who have been the most impacted – Gisborne, Wairoa, Napier, Hastings, Waipukurau.  Each area has $20k to enable support to customers who have been severely impacted.  This will be managed by the Business Manager and Sales Manager in each area.

What happens if I am unable to pay my account?
If you’re having issues around paying your account due to the impact of the cyclone, we are keen to help. In these cases, please contact us through our Customer Hub, so we can discuss and manage the options – such as account protection or establishing a repayment plan.  If you need to make purchases from us but don’t have the necessary funds available, we can look at deferred payments or temporary credit limit increase options.

Contributing Goods

What if I have product that I’d like to offer such as feed, fencing gear, gumboots or have other assistance to offer?
If you're wanting to give through Farmlands then the recommendation is to provide a cash contribution. You are able to make a contribution to our relief fund via your local Farmlands branch - either stop to make payment or get in touch with them by phone to make a contribution; check out our Store Locator for your local branch's contact information.

Plus we have now created an e-com solution – anyone can now contribute by going to No purchase is necessary and you don’t have to be registered with MyFarmlands.

If you would like to give any other items like feed, please refer to the MPI national feed service. Register here if you have feed available. Farmlands is not able to take anything other than cash contributions to our cyclone relief fund.

Suggestions/feedback from customers on how we can help
Cash contributions are the best way to help people affected by natural disasters – it’s the quickest and most flexible form of help. If you’re unable to contribute via your local Farmlands branch, either by coming in or calling them up, then please consider donating to the Federated Farmers Adverse Funds bank account, the Red Cross or to your local Mayoral Relief fund. If you’re keen to volunteer time to local clean-up efforts, that would also be a valuable contribution.

Collection points for donating products and supplies
We’re working closely with key Government agencies and industry organisations on our response and the provision of Farmlands or our suppliers’ products to those in need. A coordinated approach is the best way we can get essential supplies to those most in need.  Farmlands is not able to take products and supplies via stores. Please call the Ministry of Primary Industries support line on (0800) 00 83 33 and email MPI also has a form system for anyone who can help with their Feed Co-ordination Service. 

Supporting Farmlands Teams

What is Farmlands doing to financially assist staff impacted by the Cyclone?
We’re arranging support packages for severely-impacted Farmlanders  - for instance for our team members who have lost their homes, we’re making a $10,000 payment available immediately and providing help with alternative accommodation and other support.   
• We’ve made an immediate payment of $250 (gross) to all Farmlanders located in the most significantly impacted parts of the East Coast and Hawke’s Bay, as well as to our affected Northern region teams, and are sending care packages here.
• We are offering special paid leave to impacted teams who have suffered damage to property/animals/land to help deal with the impacts. 
• We are also offering initially up to 10 days special leave for our severely impacted team who have suffered a permanent loss of their house & land.
• Wellbeing checks: We are connecting with 150 impacted team members individually to complete welfare checks
• Online Drop-in sessions to answer questions about support will be set up for impacted teams.
• We’ve also set up Helping Hands as a way for you to donate to other impacted Farmlanders. 
• We’re offering interest-free loans to anyone who needs extra financial assistance.

How are you helping with longer-term trauma and wellbeing issues arising from the cyclone?
A Wellbeing and Support page has been created with resources to support you and your team, your whānau, our customers and communities.

Our free confidential Organisational Counselling Programme (OCP) is available to all Farmlanders and their whanau.