Protection for your crop, no matter what the weather might bring

At FMG we understand that a crop is your business and your income, not just seed and plants, and that's why it makes sense to protect it.

While some things are out of your control, like those increasingly frequent 'once in 50 year hail storms', there are a few things you can do to help reduce the chances of a loss occurring.

Disease and pest management

  • Having an effective spray regime in place can minimise the effect of disease and pests on your crop.
  • Some diseases can become tolerant to certain chemicals after long exposure so it's worthwhile talking over your options; remember you can get in touch with your local Farmlands Technical Field Officer for some advice.

Spraying considerations

  • Spray drift has the potential to cause serious damage to your neighbours' crop or pasture and is a liability hassle you can do without, so remember to check the weather forecast before you get started.
  • Make sure your chemical containers are clearly labelled, and you have the right spray for the job.
  • Clean your spray equipment carefully after use to avoid the possibility of crosscontamination next time you use it.

Crop storage

  • It's important to check your grain silo as seals can deteriorate and rust and gaps can appear over time, allowing moisture to enter and cause damage to the harvested crop.
  • If you have V-base silos then it's essential you check the concrete cone to make sure there are no cracks that will allow moisture to rise up.
  • These checks are especially timely in the Canterbury area where recent earthquakes could have caused significant movement to the base of your silo.

Moisture levels

  • The moisture level of the grain at harvest and when it's placed in the silos should be checked. If the level is too high then sweating, and eventually rot, will occur – unfortunately loss from gradual deterioration usually isn't covered by insurers.
  • Have a management plan in place which includes ongoing moisture measurement to ensure grain isn't being affected by high moisture levels.

Even with careful risk management strategies in place storms can still hit and losses can still occur, which is why it's important to have the right insurance cover in place.

Alan Giles, FMG Business Development Manager Ashburton, says that now is the time to be organising cover. "It's important to remember there is a 48 hour stand down period before cover begins. By the time the thunderclouds are rolling over the hill and hail is pelting your neighbours' property, it's too late."

Over the last three seasons FMG has paid over $1.6 million to farmers who have suffered losses, and with over 100 years experience working with rural New Zealand, you know we have cover you can rely on:

  • Cover available for a full range of crops.
  • Cover for loss caused by fire or lightning, and you can choose to extend this to include frost, windstorm and hail damage.
  • Cover your harvested crop until it's sold, or 12 months from the harvest date, whichever is sooner.
  • Pay through your Farmlands account and enjoy the benefits of a consolidated tax invoice and 3 Choices Rewards Points for every $150 you spend.

When it comes to protecting your crop this season make a great call, phone us on 0800 366 466.


Article provided by FMG