Quad Bike Safety

Farm SafetyQuad bikes are not all terrain vehicles – they can't go everywhere, do everything. Respect their limits, and make sure everyone on your farm follows these safety steps.
Riders must be trained/experienced enough to do the job
Before anyone rides your quad bikes assess their skills. If they need training the best option is a skills course or by contacting your local quad bike dealer to ask about courses in your area.
Choose the right vehicle for the job
When choosing the right vehicle for the job pay close attention to what your quad bike owner's manual says about carrying passengers. Most manufacturers' manuals say passengers should not be carried. Also consider the maximum towed and carried load limits for your quad bike.
Always wear a helmet
Helmets can be the difference between walking away from an accident and suffering a permanent, lifechanging brain injury.
Don't let kids ride adult quad bikes
Quad bike manufacturers set minimum ages for using their bikes based on the age when young people have sufficient strength, body weight and mental ability to master the safe riding techniques. On all adult-sized quad bikes (over 90cc) sold in New Zealand that age is 16 or older. 

More safety tips

  • Keep quad bikes maintained in a safe condition
  • Take care on slopes and rough terrain – don't exceed the capabilities of the bike
  • Don't do tasks that interfere with safe riding – keep both hands on the bike, eyes on the ground
  • If you've lost your owner's manual look on the manufacturer's website or call a local dealer to get another copy
  • Visit the Work Safe website 





Guidelines for Safe Use of Quad Bikes


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ACC Quad Bike Safety Tips


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