NRM Lamb Products

NRM has a range of lamb hard feeds including Lamb Start Mix (a muesli style starter feed for lambs) and Lamb Performance Pellets. Both options include Deccox®, a coccidiostat to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis, and both options are tailored to suit the unique nutritional requirements of young growing lambs.
Rumen development in young lambs is extremely important to ensure a smooth transition off milk and feeding a hard feed to lambs is the key to supporting early rumen development. Hard feeds are best offered to lambs from early life alongside milk, intakes will be small at first but will ramp up as they get older. See below for more detailed information on our range and how to use them. 
NRM Lamb Start Mix
Lamb Start Mix is a nutritious and palatable muesli-style starter feed for young lambs. It is best introduced to lambs in the first week of life as a supplement to their milk feed. Intakes will be small at first, but as they get used to the taste and mouthfeel of the Start Mix intake will ramp up. Lamb Start Mix is available in both a 10kg and 20kg bag, so even if just rearing a few lambs, there is a bag size to suit.
Click here for the NRM Lamb Start Mix Spec Sheet. 
NRM Lamb Performance Pellets
Lamb Performance Pellets are a great product to transition lambs over to once they have been on the Lamb Start Mix for a while and their intake of hard feed is increasing. There is no hard and fast rule though, some rearers prefer to keep on feeding the Lamb Start Mix to lambs as they get older, however it can be beneficial to move to a pellet as you tend to get less wastage when paddock feeding.
Click here for the NRM Lamb Performance Spec Sheet. 
NRM Sheep and Lamb rearing guide
Check out the NRM Lamb rearing guide which has heaps of information on rearing lambs and the NRM lamb products. This is also available as a printed guide too so contact your local NRM Nutrition Specialist to get your hands on some. 
Keen to learn more about rearing lambs? Check out our lamb rearing fact sheet which has some great tips and tricks.