Download Statements

Statements can be downloaded from MyFarmlands in a number of different formats:


A copy of your paper statement.

Full CSV

A full CSV file is a record of all transactions you made in a selected time period saved in a table structured format.

CSV for Xero

The CSV format file for the Xero online accounting service is a subset of the 'full' CSV file. However there is one major difference - the transaction values are negative. However, unlike the 'full' CSV file above, the CSV file for Xero only contains transactions.


The QIF format file has been specifically designed for upload to CashManager Rural, however the contents will probably satisfy most accounting packages that allow upload of aw QIF format file. Unlike the CSV file, the QIF file only contains transactions and does not contain payments and balances.


On December 5, we launched a new and improved MyFarmlands service. If you haven't already, you will need to re-register for this platform (have your Farmlands Card nearby!)