GrowApp launch

Developed from the original Seed Buyers Guide App, GrowGuide is the latest one-stop app for information on horticulture, pasture and cropping requirements. With a comprehensive database of primary farm inputs, the app is a revolutionary new tool that makes it easier for farmers and field staff to access all the information they need to grow.

Never be short of the latest information.

The app works off a centralised cloud database allowing the app to be automatically updated with the latest information, such as new seed varieties, crop protection products or safety information.

Access critical information anytime offline*.

Essential to on-farm use, GrowGuide works without internet coverage giving you the ability to:

  • Calculate sowing and mix rates
  • Identify pests and weeds 
  • Select the correct beet or maize for your situation

*Internet coverage is required when syncing new information or when product information is pulled from the database.

Quick and easily send enquiries straight from the app.

Using a built-in form, quickly and easily send Farmlands an order enquiry from anywhere in the app.

Crop Protection.

  • Browse crop protection product information by crop type and category.
  • Easily access haznotes, labels and SDS sheets.
  • Quickly create order enquires.


  • Browse seed information by species, type and cultivar.
  • Calculate sowing rates (kg/ha) and total required.
  • See the number of days between harvest and planting for maize crops.
  • Easily select the maize hybrids best suited to your situation by desired planting and harvest dates and region.


  • Browse product information, labels and safety information by crop type.
  • Access the latest information on soil testing and soil management.

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