Regenerative & Organics


Farmlands is proud to be part of our shareholders organic and regenerative journey. There is tremendous interest and growth in these ways of farming and as your Co-operative, we need to be there for you, as we need to be there for New Zealand.


Regen     Organics


Reducing agricultural environmental impacts and improving ethical standards to meet consumer concerns about health, food safety and animal welfare are just some of the reasons for adopting regenerative systems. The challenge is how to make changes on-farm while sustaining production, profitability and wellbeing.

To assist you on your regenerative journey, the Farmlands team offers knowledge and advice in agronomy and systems, backed by a wide range of inputs. In addition to working with fertiliser and crop protection partners, Farmlands can also assist you with products for your farm or orchard some consider more 'natural', such as seaweeds, humates, liquid fish fertilisers and many more.



Alongside our conventional product range, Farmlands stocks and sources a variety of organically certified inputs. We've been providing advice and products to the organic industry for many years, with many shareholders holding organic certification through New Zealand providers Biogro, Asurequality and Organic Farm NZ.

Farmlands is Biogro certified too and a member of many organic industry groups such as Organic Wine NZ, COKA – The Certified Organic Kiwifruit Association and the Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group. Across our stores and through our agriculture and horticulture advisors, we can provide organic plant nutrition, crop protection, animal health and facility management. Farmlands can also offer untreated seed lines to be considered for use in an organic operation.


Farmlands Biogro Organic Certification

4472 Farmlands Co-operative Society CO1 Certificate 2022-23
4472 Farmlands Co-operative Society CO1 COR Letter 2022-23
4472 Farmlands Co-operative Society CO2 Certificate 2022-23
4472 Farmlands Co-operative Society CO2 COR Letter 2022-23


Shop online, visit your local store, or talk to your local Farmlands Technical Field Officer or Technical Advisor for how we can help with inputs on farm.