Card Fuel

Card Fuel - Fuel savings made easy

Forget about collecting supermarket dockets. You can enjoy everyday savings across the largest fuel network, all on one Card.

Simply use your Farmlands Card at any Challenge, Z, or Caltex station to save 12c per litre.

Find your nearest fuel stops and calculate savings

To ensure we can deliver maximum savings for you we have created a fuel calculator, to highlight your saving potential, where your nearest fuel stops are located and how to make the most out of this fuel offer.





Save up to 12c per litre*

Challenge and Caltex: Rebate of up to 12c per litre off the pump price.

BP and GAS: Rebate of up to 8c per litre off the national average pricing*.

Z: Rebate of 12c per litre off the pump price, available from 1st June 2017*.

Savings appear as a rebate on your monthly Farmlands Account statement, not as a discount at the time of purchase.

Fuel Locations


400+ Fuel Locations

Farmlands Card is accepted at any Challenge and Caltex service station**, truck stop, or diesel stop***. Plus, BP and participating GAS service stations**.



Fuel-only card options available for your staff

Still receive fuel savings while limiting spending on your Farmlands Account. Download a Caltex, BP or Z fuel-only Card application form.



Earn Choices Rewards Points

Earn 1 Choices Rewards Point for every $50.00 (incl. GST) spent on fuel.

Bonus Rebates


Contributes to your end of year bonus rebate^

^The Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited Bonus Rebate is subject to the Directors’ discretion.

Terms and Conditions

Discounts per litre including GST.

Caltex Starcard Terms and Conditions will apply to any Caltex and Challenge transactions.

Only available at participating GAS stations. 

* Rebate of 12c per litre off the pump price at Challenge, Caltex and Z and up to 8c per litre of the national average pricing at BP (national average pricing being the average price of fuel in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

** For transactions through Retail Service Stations, your discount will be based off the posted Retail Pump Price. Where the Commercial Diesel Stop is co-located with the Service Station your discount will be based off the Retail Pump Price.

*** For transactions through Standalone Commercial Diesel Stops, your discount will be based off advertised Commercial Pump Diesel Stop prices, which will be more closely linked to Caltex Service Station Pump prices than previous pricing systems.