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Solo Profence

Ladies Night

From the CEO

It’s been a very cold month around the country and hopefully your late winter/early spring checklists are on target.

Take back your tax

For those that work on the land, fuel can be one of the larger expenses every month. Machinery and offroad vehicles are used daily to keep the business running.

Joyce’s shareholder Journey

Joyce Fitzgibbon has clocked up nearly 50 years as a Farmlands shareholder – and still has the original membership card to prove it.

Know your enemy

Velvetleaf and the pea weevil have both appeared in New Zealand in 2016 and could have devastating impacts for growers across the country.

Rangiora Clothing Clearance

When: 24th September
Where: Farmlands Rangiora

Ladies Night 2016

Happiest outside enjoying the seasons and sharing stories and advice with like-minded garden enthusiasts, Tony is a household name in New Zealand, synonymous with all things growing.

Farmlands Ashburton Equine Spring Sale

Hoof it to Farmlands Ashburton and save on everything equine!

Whakatane A&P Show

The resurgence of an agricultural and pastoral show for greater Whakatane is underway with a huge weekend of entertainment planned.