Z Stations

Terms and Conditions

Farmlands Co-operative Society Limited (“Farmlands”) has an agreement with Z Energy New Zealand Limited and Z Energy 2015 Limited (“Z”), under which Farmlands may make Z Cards available to its shareholders on certain terms and conditions.

  1. By signing or using your Z Card, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which may be amended from time to time. Under these terms and conditions, Farmlands has limited and excluded various liabilities. You agree that those limitations and exclusions shall also apply to you for the benefit of Farmlands and Z.
  2. You may use your Z Card to purchase all fuel and convenience store products and services available from any participating Z store, excluding all Lotto and Instant Kiwi sales.
  3. You must pay for all purchases made using your Z Card whether or not they are authorised by you. You must also pay all Government rates, taxes or charges which now are or which in the future may be charged upon purchases made using your Z Card, whether or not you are primarily liable for the impost or charge. You authorise Farmlands to debit all purchases made using your Z Card, all such rates, taxes or charges to your Farmlands Card account.
  4. Purchases made using your Z Card will not qualify for a benefit under any loyalty arrangements that Z has with any other person, including: Fly Buys; Air New Zealand Airpoints; or AA Smartfuels.
  5. You agree that the Farmlands Card Terms and Conditions apply to your Z Card in addition to these Terms and Conditions.
  6. Your Z Card remains the property of Z. Farmlands or Z may cancel your Z Card at any time without notice. You must immediately return your Z Card to Farmlands if it is cancelled or if requested by Farmlands.
  7. You agree that Farmlands is not responsible if Z or a merchant refuses to accept your Z Card at any time, for Z or a merchant’s inability to supply any goods or services you require at any particular time or place.
  8. To the extent permitted by law, Farmlands excludes all liability it may have in relation to:
    a. all goods and services purchased using your Z Card;
    b. the actions or inactions of Z and merchants;
    c. any unauthorised use of your Z Card; and
    d. anything else related to your Z Card.
    The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 overrides the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and you are entitled to the benefit of the relevant guarantees set out in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
  9. You are responsible for the safe custody of your Z Card and any PIN issued for your Z Card. If your Card or your PIN is lost, stolen or likely to be misused you must immediately notify Farmlands by calling 0800 200 600.

  10. Farmlands may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time and will give you notice in writing of any variation.