Changes to Ammunition and Hunting Sales at Farmlands

From 1st December 2020, new legislation states that any person managing a business which sells ammunition must have a current firearms licence*. As a result of this – and to ensure consistency across our network – Farmlands has made the difficult decision to begin transitioning away from selling ammunition and hunting supplies.  


This tough call has been made due to the ongoing cost of paying to maintain staff firearms licences, as well as ensuring Farmlands staff have compliant storage facilities in their own homes. Given we would need more than one staff member with a firearms licence per store, Farmlands is not willing to risk fines for being non-compliant.  


We understand the convenience of being able to purchase ammunition and hunting items when shopping at your co-operative. We encourage shareholders to visit us before 1st December for any requirements and to say thank you to our long-standing hunting customers, we have 25% off ammunition until 1st December.   


We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support of your co-operative. We will be in touch later with an update on how Farmlands can still ensure your hunting and ammunition supplies are taken care of through Farmlands Card.  

* See the changes to the Arms Act via the New Zealand Police website HERE