SafeVisit is for anyone visiting a farm, not just shareholders.

SafeVisit is designed to make everyone safer by allowing upcoming farm visits to be scheduled and for visitors to be properly inducted before arriving on-farm. It’s an important industry-wide initiative that we’re proud to be leading.

The SafeVisit app is FREE and it can be used by anyone to book a farm visit. It’s GPS enabled*, so it knows where you are and what farms are close by. If you’ve got visitors coming, then asking them to use SafeVisit helps make sure everybody has a safer experience. If you're going onto other farms, the same goes - awareness is key.


SafeVisit Features


Search for farms and request a visit to a farm


All SafeFarm users are automatically searchable through SafeVisit. FarmIQ farms are visible if farmers want them to be


Book a visit


A quick and easy way to arrange a time to visit a farm. Requests appear in SafeFarm and FarmIQ. Farmers can accept and decline visits


Review hazards


Once accepted, visitors can see hazards info and emergency locations on a map and read any other relevant induction documents


See where visitors are on farm


SafeFarm users can see where visitors are on farm on both the desktop and mobile apps (subject to cell coverage)


If you are a SafeFarm user then your farm will show up automatically in SafeVisit, allowing visitors to search for you and book appointments to see you. The same applies if you are a FarmIQ subscriber.


Download the mobile app for free:


See how easy SafeVisit is to use




About FarmIQ

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*GPS enabled with phone connectivity