Compliance & Safety

Safety Data Sheets

When storing fuel on your site it is essential to retain the current Safety Data Sheet for each type of fuel stored.

View the Safety Data Sheet for:

WorkSafe Good Practice Guidelines

Please refer to the WorkSafe website for Good Practice Guidelines designed to assist you with safety measures relative to your fuel storage configuration.

For your convenience, a few selected Good Practice Guidelines from the WorkSafe website:

Always confirm on the WorkSafe website that you are using the latest version of the document.

Farmlands Safety Alerts

Please see here for an important safety alert for Farmlands Fuel customers regarding overhead fuel tanks. These checks should be actioned on your farm/site for all your tanks (and support structures), as a matter of priority.


Farmlands Fuel Policies

Farmlands Fuel has developed various policies and guidance documents to safe guard fuel deliveries into various environments.

Farmlands Fuel documents to ensure safe fuel deliveries: