Meet one of our partners

Blair Fraser
North Island Operations Team Leader
Pacific Fuel Haul


Where are you based?
Mount Maunganui.

Where are you from originally?
Inverness, Scotland.

What do you bring to the team?
I have a military background and am a firm believer in the core values it instilled in me. I think teamwork and communication are my strongest qualities.

Tell us a bit about your family…
I have two teenage children, Charlie (17) and Jamie-Lee (15).

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am a qualified football coach and eventually would like to continue with this once I’m settled in my new role. I also play golf and squash, like to read and enjoy motorsports. When I get the opportunity, I enjoy getting out on my Motocross bike.

Do you have a favourite sports team?
Glasgow Rangers Football Club. The number one football team in Scotland!

If you could invite three famous people to dinner, past or present, who would they be?
Martin Luther King Jr, Robin Williams and Billy Connolly.

You're blasted into space to orbit earth for a year. What book, album and DVD do you take?
Book: Unf#@k Yourself by Gary John Bishop; Album: Jimi Hendrix Complete Works; DVD: The complete Red Dwarf boxset.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?
The appendage of a male camel.