Plan for peaks and troughs by putting logistics solutions in place

With another successful harvest season over, it’s a great time to reflect on the challenges encountered and opportunities ahead. The specialised solutions Farmlands offer ensure continuity for many of our horticultural customers during critical periods.

 As any grower or horticulture-related user of fuel will know, the success of an entire season can hinge on the ability to pick at the right time and transport crops to their next destination without delay. Farmlands, with years of industry knowledge and expertise, is perfectly placed to help our customers do this.

The latest harvest season has seen record volumes of fuel delivered to an ever-increasing range of growers, processors, and transporters. Our traditional apple customers are now complemented by numerous wineries, stonefruit, kiwifruit and even hops growers. From Central Otago to Kaitaia, Farmlands’ scale and coverage nationwide allows for:

  • the ability to plan for peak season
  • react to the unpredictable nature of the industry, such as frost fighting on vineyards and orchards.

Reactivity is critical, but our successful supply model is based on careful setup and planning with our customers. Being prepared for peak, even if it’s only a few weeks a year, is where our customers get the biggest benefit. This can be achieved via a 3-step process:

  • Fit-for-purpose tanks, with sufficient storage, are the best place to start. We’ve seen more and more tanks supplied this season than any other. Our exclusive Kingspan range is great for many medium-sized businesses. Our bigger customers receive tailor-made solutions including the full service of plumbing into boilers and generators/windmills – where needed.
  • The next step is agreeing to a delivery frequency that allows for seasonality. In collaboration between our customer, logistics team and Territory Managers, we can produce a clear plan for delivery throughout the year. Examples of this range from a delivery every couple of months when quiet – right through to every few days during peak harvest or production.
  • The delivery plan ideally still allows for contingency, meaning that any fluctuations in usage or delays in delivery are catered for, reducing the risk of tanks running out. Many larger tanks also have automatic tank gauging installed, giving the Farmlands logistics team an indication of usage for planning purposes, with the bonus of low tank level alerts just in case customers use more than expected.

Farmlands Fuel trucks are built specifically to meet the full range of delivery situations we encounter in the horticulture industry – from high-volume pumping equipment right through to low-volume nozzle fills. Excellent drivers, with years of experience, are the ‘cherry’ on the top in this supply chain model.

With more capacity and flexibility being implemented in key growth areas, the future is bright for servicing existing and new partnerships with Farmlands customers. To prepare for the year ahead and whatever that may bring, contact your local Territory Manager or our customer service team on 0800 666 626.