Livestock Finance

Livestock CreditPurchasing trade livestock has just become easier. Farmlands Livestock Finance facility allows you to defer the payment of trade livestock until they are sold (up to six months for sheep and 12 months for deer and cattle). 

The Farmlands Livestock Finance credit facility is revolving credit, available for the exclusive use of Farmlands shareholders. Limits are available up to $500,000 on a 12 month basis, with an easy annual review for those shareholders who wish to keep the facility for the next season. 

Your Livestock Finance facility can be used to fund trade livestock purchases only.

Generally the only security required for this facility is over the livestock purchased. Farmlands Finance Ltd credit criteria will apply. 

Interest and fees

Our competitive interest rates of 1% per month or 12% per annum can be charged monthly to your bank account, or capitalised onto the loan and be paid on the sale of livestock. 

A facility fee of 1% per annum, charged in advance at 0.25% per quarter will apply. 

Apply now

If you would like apply for a Livestock Finance facility, download an application form or contact your local Livestock Agent who will be able to guide you through the process or or email

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