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Grain & Seed continues to be a complex and technical field, forever evolving with new developments. We pride ourselves on staying well informed and up-to-date, and passing on the latest information and products. 

Our experienced team offer a comprehensive forage and pastoral renewal and management service.  We also provide full technical assistance with sowing rates, establishment, fertiliser and chemical requirements, grazing and on-going paddock management.  Our Technical Field Officers are also on the ground with advice for new and existing growers. 


This Seasons Key Products

Cleancrop Brassica

Is a simple weed management system that eradicates a huge range of commonly found weeds that compete with your brassica crops.

Precision Swede

Using a weighted build up seed coating this seed allows precision placement, producing an evenly distributed crop to maximise bulb yields.

Tyson Perennial Ryegrass

Designed to bring spring forward to give red meat farmers 35% more pasture growth in early spring, while still providing high summer - autumn yield.


To discuss your seed requirements contact your local Technical Field Officer


Seed Buyers Guide App

The app is the first of its kind and is a revolutionary new tool that provides seed variety information at your fingertips,
quickly and easily. The information contained in the app comes from a central seed variety cloud database. This allows
the app to be automatically updated with the latest information, such as new seed varieties.

Our Seed Buyers’ Guide app also works without internet coverage, which is essential to enable on-farm use. As well as
comprehensive information on more than 200 seed varieties, the app features a section on weed and pest identification
and a sowing mix rate calculator. Users can also add seed varieties to an enquiry form that is sent directly to the
Farmlands Grain and Seed team.

The Farmlands Seed Buyers’ Guide app is available to download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

• App Store – download HERE
• Google Play Store – download HERE

Watch our video to see the functionality of the App.




Seed Buyers GuideSeed Buyers' Guide

We pride ourselves on maintaining independence in the market and having open relationships with all of New Zealand’s wholesale seed companies, allowing us to offer you access to all available seeds. 

We are consistently involved with the launch of new products onto the market, and in conjunction with wholesale seed companies, continue to play an important role in developing best practice guidelines for growing and feeding. 

The Seed Buyers’ Guide details all of the commercially available forage and pasture seeds and their attributes and endophyte options. Seed treatment options and some topics of current interest are also included.

The Grain & Seed Team

Brian Cornish
027 279 2910


Carmel Burgess
Grain Trader
027 405 6841


Phil Johnston
Grain & Seed Agronomist
027 801 1316

Ben Rutherford
North Island Seed Sales Manager
027 403 0372


Sarah Watson
Grain Trader
021 577 377


Dave Schrader
Grain & Seed Agronomist
027 454 0188

Tim O'Sullivan
South Island Seed Sales Manager
027 490 6082


Guy Mason
027 616 1737


Rachael Robinson
Grain & Seed Agronomist
027 435 1978

Paul Kenny
Retail Seed Operations Manager
027 654 3209


Huw Murray
027 418 6276


Tim White
Grain & Seed Agronomist
027 545 2831

Sam Lucas
Grain & Seed Agronomist
021 758 079


Elton Mayo
Grain & Seed Agronomist
027 405 1740


 Michael Bennet
Grain Trader
027 227 2472






Grain and Seed Trading

To provide a seamless service we also operate a grain procurement and trading business. We can source and supply all feed grains including dairy, pig and poultry producers and major feed manufacturers, along with offering contract export seed multiplications. We have vertical integration in the supply of feed grains to our mills for processing and retail, as well as growing seeds for wholesalers that we buy back from for retail.


Seed Stores

Our retail seed service operates from four seed mixing and distribution sites across the South Island with a central distribution centre in the North Island. Our seed mixing sites are suitably stocked to supply your seasonal seed requirements promptly.

Lara Goodman
03 347 3853
027 801 8814

Allan Craig
03 433 1030
027 590 0470

Roy Nimmo
03 455 7114
027 282 4553


Dave Cleaver
03 218 6487
027 456 7913