Blue Boost Electrolyte

Blue Boost Trial Testimonial

Blue Boost, a brand-new electrolyte from Reliance has hit the market and while its unique colour may set it apart from others on the shelf, it’s the results in the field that have really made a difference.

A specially formulated electrolyte powder, Blue Boost was carefully developed to provide a specific ratio of sodium, potassium, chloride, dextrose, glycine and vitamin B12 to help stimulate appetite and rehydrate calves, lambs and kid goats.

Palmerston North-based shareholder Rosie Linklater was one of the first to trial Blue Boost in 2020, or as she called it – “magic blue”.

“We ran approximately 100 calves last winter and did experience some animal health issues either from nutritional scours or other factors,” Rosie says.
“We’ve used other electrolytes previously, both from the vets and Farmlands but took on Blue Boost for the 2020 season. I used it extensively and it was literally magic!

“I’ve never had an electrolyte that prompted such a visible response in such a short time. I’d come back to the shed for the next feed and there was noticeable improvement in the calves. Those that just seemed a bit off were bright and even those that were physically down were up and moving around.”

Rosie administered Blue Boost through both tubing and calf feeders. The mixture was palatable enough that the calves who could suckle by themselves, did so. Farmlands Technical Field Officer, Jason Payne worked with Nutrition Specialist Karen Fraser during the trials and noted how well Blue Boost fit into rearing operations.

“The calves liked drinking it and could be fed ad-lib, they didn’t mind taking it at all,” Jason says.

While Karen had advised Rosie not to get the electrolyte powder wet while in storage, Rosie admitted she wasn’t particularly careful with the product and out of the two containers used in the trial, one was used regularly and the other opened, tied off, left in the shed and only used sporadically.

“The one that I only used occasionally still lasted for over a month, dissolved and stored well. It was really easy to mix and just fit in,” Rosie says.

“The biggest thing for us using Blue Boost was that it was just so obvious that it worked. Sometimes with other electrolytes, you know by administering it you’re technically doing the right thing to rehydrate your calves, but you just don’t always see that response and can sometimes second-guess what you’re doing.

“With Blue Boost, whatever level the calves were at, I saw obvious improvement. We actually got to the point where we ran out during the trial and I was reluctant to use any other product, even my most favoured ones from previous seasons” Rosie says.

Blue Boost is suitable for use in calves, lambs and kid goats following transport, when transitioning between
different milk sources or in support of cases of mild nutritional scours.

Blue Boost was launched at the 2021 Fieldays and is now available in Farmlands stores nationwide.