Reliance Feeds


 The Reliance name is synonymous with quality, and is a long established brand. The origins of the company hail back to 1927, and it has been continually producing and supplying quality feeds to South Island farmers since then.

Product range

The range of feeds produced is vast – covering all farm animals – producing over 60 individually formulated products. Quality is of paramount importance to Reliance. All Reliance products are made in New Zealand and are subject to an ongoing and rigorous testing programme to guarantee consistent nutritional value, performance delivery and health compliance. 



Blue Boost

An innovative electrolyte for proactively hydrating calves, lambs and kid goats. Designed with a specific balance of electrolytes to aid rapid hydration and Vitamin B12 to boost appetite.

Technical Spec Sheet




Power Whey®

Premium Calf Milk Replacer (CMR) which benefits from a large and consistent whey protein supply stream and human food processing expertise. Contains highly digestible hydrolysed wheat protein* and micro encapsulated fat. Formulated for calves from day 5.

Technical Spec Sheet




Reliance Feeds products are available from all Farmlands stores and many other outlets. 


Reliance feed information sheets

Detailed feed information sheets to assist you with choosing the right feed, for your animals.The sheets contain:

  • Feeding recommendations
  • Directions for use
  • Full ingredients listings
  • Typical analysis information
  • Packaging
  • Information about ordering

Some sheets also contain advice about storage, any additives available and any warnings about usage.


 Calves, lambs and kid goats

 Blue Boost Electrolyte

 Power Whey for Goat Kids


 Poultry feed

 Free Range Layer Mash

 Free Range Layer Pellets



 Calf  feed

 Calf 2000

 Calf Grower 20%

 Calf Finisher 16%

 Sheep feed

 Sheep Nuts


 Milk replacers

 Calf Milk Replacer

 Power Whey