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MyFarmlands is your online platform which has everything you need to manage your Farmlands Account in one location.

Find out how to make the most of MyFarmlands by clicking on the links below

  • View and download statements
  • Check your account balance
  • Check or request credit limit changes
  • Manage all current Cards associated with the Account and request additional Cards
  • Update your details and more





1. What is MyFarmlands, and how can it help me?

  • It’s Farmlands online platform where you can easily access all your statements plus lots of other useful features. For example, view and download statements in different formats including PDF, CSV, QIF and CSV for Xero.  
  • You can also view your current balance, check or request credit limit increases, manage all current cards associated with an account and request additional cards.


2. Is MyFarmlands available 24/7?

  • Yes, MyFarmlands is available 24/7, providing support for your business whenever you need it.   


3. What is changing with the statement request service?

  • Shareholders will still be entitled to request one additional statement for free as a one-time offer. After this any further statement requests will incur a charge of $25.00 + gst.
  • Shareholders will continue to receive their monthly statements by post or email.
  • If you order extra statements, you'll see a charge for this on your following month’s statement.


4. How can I find and download statements?


5. Where can I get help or ask questions about MyFarmlands?   

  • You can call us at 0800 200 600 or email us at for assistance or any questions you may have.


6. How to reset password:

  • From the log in page select the “forgot password” link or click here