FertiliserSoil fertility has a major impact on pasture and whole farm productivity. 

Many New Zealand soils are actually inherently infertile by definition, and hence nutrients must be added to build up soil reserves and increase productivity. 

Nutrients can be added in many forms, the most obvious and concentrated of which are synthetic fertilisers.


With Farmlands you'll get added value

As part of our all round fertiliser service, we also offer added value, ultra-fine lime products. Agricultural lime is essentially ground limestone rock (calcium carbonate, CaCO3) and is the principal fertiliser that can be applied to reduce soil acidity. The relative acidity (pH) of soils has a major effect on the productivity of pastures and hence this parameter needs to be monitored and corrected as and when necessary.

We retail ultra-fine lime products and fertiliser blends through CP Lime Solutions (and their Optimise product range).

Foliar Nutrition/Soluble fertiliser
Alongside solid fertiliser, we also offer a wide range of liquid and soluble products from a number of suppliers. This includes the very good Wuxal range of products, as well as novel products such as Less-N.

We can assist with soil and herbage testing which are fundamental in developing the right fertiliser strategy for your requirements.

Working together with Ballance

Our relationship with Ballance Agri-Nutrients allows us to provide our shareholders with a full range of broad acre fertilisers for all pastoral, cropping and horticultural requirements.  


Ballance trade pricing

A comprehensive trade price list of Ballance products suitable for agricultural use New Zealand wide.

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Never be short of the latest information on all your fertiliser needs. With a comprehensive database of primary farm inputs GrowGuide, is the one-stop app for all the information you need to know to Grow.
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